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Gail Kasper 50-minute Keynote Speeches have broken attendance records. Keynote Speeches may be 20- to 50-MINUTE and may be focused on Motivation/Achievement, Sales (Prospecting or Process), or Progressive Leadership.
THE NEW SALES: How to Eliminate the Competition: Are you moving into the digital era as quickly as you should? Have you and your sales department taken action to increase your social media presence, both with written and video content? This 50-minute keynote will share the essential difference in today's sales process, how it's changed, and what you need to do to get current and sell more! It will teach you how to increase your client connection and eliminate the competition.

Motivation/Achievement: Gail Kasper left her dream of becoming a television personality behind, only to find it 15 years later. Hear how she created doorways where ones didn’t exist and how she reached an extraordinary level of success despite the nay-sayers and extraordinary obstacles. Gail will inspire your team to believe ANYTHING is possible.

Sales: Whether you want your team to develop the courage to increase Prospecting Activities – cold calling, asking for referrals, building alliances or speaking to associations – or you would like to refine the Sales Process including building rapport, uncovering needs, presenting powerful solutions, or closing and negotiation, Gail will provide the credibility and easy processes that will open the minds of your sales team to try new techniques, and then give them the courage to take action to increase revenues and results.

Progressive Leadership: Gail shares her story from being a traditional manager to becoming a Progressive Leader, through continual development and multiple training programs. Filled with stories, this Keynote Speech will leave your Managers with an action plan to become a stronger example and open the door to brilliance and ideas from their teams.