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Experience the benefits of Gail's proprietary techniques through one-on-one coaching sessions. For programs and rates, email


NEW PROGRAM: SMART: Eating, Exercise, Goal-Setting and Communication
Learn more about Gails new Fitness-Nutrition-Goal-Setting-Communication Program. Whether its fitness development and learning how to incorporate strength, cardio, or full-body workouts into a routine, establishing a solid nutritional plan, or learning techniques that will increase rapport or manage conflict, Gail gives people the tools to thrive in todays world, combat the challenges of life, and reduce anxiety and depression. People are empowered to live their best selves, at home and at work.


Raw Reality shows people how to laugh at life no matter how bad it gets. "Hot!" "Progressive!" "Trendy!" We'll take some of the toughest life and business challenges and make fun of them. You won't want to miss it!

Corporate Management Consultant and Speaker / Life-Business-Fitness-Nutrition Coach

Gail Kasper is an experienced television host who translates her smarts across multiple levels of media. As a life-business-fitness-nutrition coach, Top 1% Club Mentor, author, the creator of SAD-T (Systematic Attitude Development-Technique) and one of our nation's most powerful corporate speakers, she has worked with both individuals and teams to achieve goals, increase team performance, and exceed revenues through proven coaching systems and a diversified selection of progressive keynote speeches and training programs. Recognized for her efforts to design, customize, and author training programs specific to a company and industry, she has broken attendance records, where her rare talents have changed people at their core and stretched them to achieve personal and professional excellence beyond what they thought possible(Click here)

Recommended Products    

Gail's product offerings have been endorsed by Football Great Vince Papale; Television Commentator Larry Kane; Former Editor In Chief of Shape Magazine, Valerie Latona; Digital Media Icon Curt Marvis; Head of NBC Sports Talent, Princell Hair; the Former President of Cox Television, Andy Fisher; and District Manager, Starbucks, David Thomas. Her programs raise the bar for personal and professional excellence. Whether you are striving to increase your communication skills, deal with a difficult boss, become a better sales person, improve business strategies, or you want to elevate your parenting skills or find the love of your life, her revolutionary systems will give you the necessary tools for success. For a full list of Gail's products,click here.

Humanitarian Efforts

To date, Gail has provided over $100,000 in coaching and product donations to our US Troops and their families and over $35,000 in books and speaking engagements to high school students. Chosen as an outstanding woman of 2008, Gail was awarded the distinguished honor of Woman of the Year, based on her accomplishments and contributions to society by the ABI International Board of Review which represents over 6000 panelists in over 75 countries. Through her foundation, Make a Decision To Win, Gail has helped both students and adults strive to achieve excellence in life, and through the Pawtographs® Foundation, Gail continues to dedicate her efforts to the welfare of animals.
The Pawtographs Foundation mission is to create awareness, educate, increase adoptions, and enhance the quality of life for animals across the country, preventing cruelty, animal abandonment and abuse, hoarding, and dog fighting. Their efforts have created Mayday Pets, an initiative which raises awareness for Foreclosed Pets left behind to starve in homes, and through Congressman Robert Andrews, initiated H.Res.63 for National Animal Rescue Day/Winslow's Day, which is currently gaining the attention of Congressmen across the country. Please help us and support our



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