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Corporate Management Consultant and Speaker

Gail Kasper is a television host who translates her smarts across multiple levels of media. As a life-business-fitness-nutrition coach, Top 1% Club Mentor, author, the creator of SAD-T (Systematic Attitude Development-Technique) and one of our nation's most powerful corporate speakers, she has worked with every level, from small business owners to prominent public figures and Fortune 100 companies to achieve goals, increase team performance, and exceed revenues through a diversified selection of progressive keynote speeches and training programs. For programs and rates, email

Those who have endorsed Gail Kasper:
  • Football Great Vince Papale
  • Television Commentator Larry Kane
  • Former Editor In Chief of Shape Magazine, Valerie Latona
  • Digital Media Icon Curt Marvis
  • Head of NBC Sports Talent, Princell Hair
  • Former President of Cox Television, Andy Fisher
  • District Manager, Starbucks, David Thomas
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As a speechwriter, Gail Kasper has written SPEECHES for:

  • Entrepreneurs/Executives/Politicians - Motivational or Strategic
  • Executives, to deliver to Investors to support charity opportunities
  • Entertainers/Employees - Award recipients
  • Executives to “thank” employees during holiday parties
  • Sales Teams - Products, detailing the company and product features/benefits
  • Sales Teams - Customer product updates, selling features and benefits and creating excitement
  • Associations (Companies that are trying to secure more customers)
  • Personal family events (Parties, Weddings/Funerals)

Gail Kasper is exceptional at creating speeches. Her speech writings strategies and techniques have been used by billion-dollar Top 100 companies, professional sports teams and athletes.

Whether you want to motivate others to action, inspire excellence, sell, or share a heart-felt message about those you love, Gail creates the perfect message using her proven formulas. Gail is excellent at creating speeches that “sell” or raise money without hard-core sales tactics. She will help you engage, entertain, inform, and inspire

Teleprompter classes
Body language, voice and words techniques
Hosting skills
Overall Brand Creation or Enhancement
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Gail's Products:

Gail's Selfie Fitness Challenge Full-Body Workout System:

Gail's Animal Rescue Organization:


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